The Sigh - Monthly Wrap-Up #1 - July 2015

We have been in the store for one whole month!!!

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 10.31.53 PM.png

The month of July has been a chaotic, crazy time for us, but we're so excited that it's gone so well and we're excited to continue on into August and the future!

While we rushed to get into the store before the 4th of July, most of our month went without many bumps along the way. We've sold out several times in only a day or two after delivering. We've been busy with preparing and packaging all month. Chopping the produce, juicing the limes—so. many. limes. It's been such a good time—even the stressful moments were soon forgotten, replaced with excitement and fun.

We wanted to take the time to say to everyone who took part in our first month (purchasing, liking and sharing on Facebook) THANK YOU!

Kelly + Kyle

The Sigh: we've both realized that after finishing any particular task—we sigh, just a simple little "okay, done with that, next task" type of sigh. We thought it only appropriate our monthly wrap-ups were titled reflecting our finishing July and starting August.